Crochet Doilies


Crochet doilies are very elegant home decoration. You can use them as centerpieces on tables, night stands or to give an extra beautiful look when you put something on top of them such as candle holders, glasses and more.


I offer doilies in a wide variety of sizes. Each doily is handcrafted using high quality yarn.


I have many colors available so if you are looking for doilies in a different color or quantity I would be happy to make you a custom order to fit your needs. I also have many other models so if you are looking for a different model I can help out as well.


You can choose to view all the doilies in either color or size by clicking the buttons below

These are the colors I currently have available. This list will be updated if needed as colors are sometimes discontinued or if I find new colors to add. Click on the photo to view it larger.